Friday, January 6, 2012

A Nasty Rumor ...

In Space -  “*Sound OFF!*” “I will capture this ship - I will board her - she will give me up her shirt - I will take her. She will be my prize. She will make me a home! This is our fate!” And those fellas where so upset that I taught them to dance under a net - in which we where attached to like spider making a spiders web...

In Cuba ... however ...
Shepherds ’s dick puppet. (face=palm)
That fat asshole with the Hitler stash what was his name? You‘d think I remember … considering.
And then there was Burley.
Fuck I hated Burley back then.
Fast tracker - six foot five, blood hair - blue eyes. Mr. Straight - and narrow religious minded - or at least I thought back then. I HATED those assholes - loathed them.
Mostly soaked if not in sweat then by rain.
I had to put up with a lot.In the end however - I would never change it.

Between white and dark chocolate god knows for he was witness to what flavor I was then. All I knew was that my dark NCO was seemingly three feet shorter than I … and as tough as mahogany. My apparently next in command was team specialist Wiley - a gigantic man with the heart of Frank Oz’s cowardly lion. When our two companies Alphas and Bravo arrived to see the look on the Marine Battalion - told all of us we where all fucked.

I was a US Army Captain, recently promoted… …qualified as a army Chaplin and Infantry Combat Officer, Q-course qualified, Parachutist. I was dressed in privates uniform, on assignment from the CID, and only the lieutenant  knew of this. Yet was forced to endure as a private - as an informer officially the army still feeling me out after my long absence in convalescence. Awaiting forming the platoon under my hand when I returned from Cuba - the army still fleshing things out with command back in Alaska, going in as a private my idea - knowing full well there was really nothing to inform about - as the lieutenant - under the same orders had eyes the same as I did. So what could be said except the recorded history and life as an infantryman on a humanitarian mission such as I - the pilgrim?
Now this is where shit gets nutty serious and most of the keepers get twitchy.
Not to worry - This is a story of the lighter side.
 I say this because those who where there - you lurkers - and passer on’s … will know of what I speak prior. Cuba was a proving grounds - for all of us

Maybe its just us natives - but FUCK! You men are MAD!What the hell is wrong with you? All you do is curse each other and stab each other in the back for another pair of socks? What the fuck is up with that? Why do you do these thing s that you do? Why is it there is no mother … only father? Now I know you all are fucking each other in the ass. There is no warrior pretense you ignorant fools! Someone just blamed me for stealing the chicken and yet I have a mouth full of hammerhead in my mouth? Hey - You assholes, which one of you punched me in the face when first sergeant Murphy punched the Captain in the face - oh what was his name..? …the roid rage pimply chested fuck that got busted. I still can’t remember that lieutenants’ name that took charge - I know he was in mortars - that is a bombardier. This was the army of the 90’s, and I, an officer raised in the 80’s on his fourth overseas deployment - and still - as god as my witness - still in my life had I not seen sin such as this. This was Camp Berkley, Guantanamo Naval Base - Cuba. This was where the people came from the Mariel boat lift came before they went to America - can’t let the rats off the boat now can we? It was an highly infectious place - as it was a refugee camp roughly of 100,000 people when we landed - and it was our job to get rid of them - ehermmm - I mean - process them.

VHS tapes where still very much in vogue back then. The movie theaters consisted of two - one basically a shanty with a screen made of white painted whatever we could find that allowed beer - and one closer in the camp infrastructure with concrete floors and stadium seating - but through a hand of fate public drunkenness and smoking was a punishable offense - thus it was empty most of the time. Our shanty theater however was packed. Most of the construction was keeping the shack tilted level that held the projector system. The screen was wood not suitable for roofs of just about every size could be found - it two was tilted as one of the large poles holding it up was sliding into the sea - directly behind it being a twenty foot drop into the bay. Men would routinely watch movies here in the full on rain until they couldn't see the screen anymore - dam the sound which couldn't be heard anyway and you wouldn't need to - we could recite the words by rote alone we seen them so many times  - hell someone had put up a toilet seat - which was by high demand in any case, and fastened to the decaying and ready to fall over movie screen with four six inch deep drywall screws and THAT was in high demand that using a perfectly good toilet seat and four six inch drywall screws for a joke was an insult. What an asshole - who ever that was.
No. No one had seen a ladder… ...for if anyone had it probably would have been turned into several chairs and repainted. Sold and or Bartered to a man looking for a ladder.
Saw? ... your kidding right?

I hated these men.
I hated them with a passion.
I wanted to kill them.
I plotted there death every night.
No matter how hard I worked to surpass them, and I did, did any acceptance did I find in there action or there deeds in my way. They said and did horrible things to me. It was far beyond any hazing in the schools the army and put my sorry brown and white and off again sorry ass through so far. Everything went missing including my boots and nothing else one day - and there was me jogging up and down the officers beach getting all the damm sun I wished naked as I was with nothing but my combat groups. That day was fun. It was hours before someone noticed, in my command that is, that I was naked up and down the beach. Those bastards.

I would have done any evil to end it. This horrible verbal shit these monkeys threw at me on a daily basis. Everyone around me seemed insane - psychotic - murderous… Things where looking up however. I was, on daily basis it seemed, in between bought’s of drinking with the boys and dueling it out in hand to hand combat with rioting Cuban refugees that where literately dropped in our lap via what’s been called the Mariel boat lift - I know it as Joint Task Force 160 Operation Sea Signal. The symbol was a lighthouse. They even sold t-shirts.
Once on land, these peoples of the Caribbean’s they where put into camps, and guarding the camps was our jobs. Red beans and rice these people where fed and these people rioted, a lot, and when I mean riots I mean like American watts riot and Rodney king type riots with a good dosing of shit bombs and rotten food, rocks stuff. We where the font line. We where the riot quell’ers. The shield stick guys. These passionate people, they so wanted there freedom they where willing to fight for it, sail across the ocean risking there lives and the lives of their children just to be here - in my Uncle Sams land - that they risked it all. It was no surprise then, although it was to me, and shiny new recruit into the SWORD - shy to the true ways of the world. For as far as I have traveled and as many as I have fought - I have yet to meet another culture that loved to riot like this. To watch and protect, ultimately, to police them I respected there candor, and their fighting skill - but I wasn’t about to get my ass jacked up either. It seemed only with action did I gain respect with these native American born soldiers. And respect through that action I did gain.

Those bastards…
I found it a distasteful sin to strike a fellow man down - and found it thus - a necessary sin. Striking a man down in practice and in life was not knew to me. I have hunted coyotes … Having to do so to gain peer acceptance was alien to me. Bringing coyotes home was a sin to the mother - not the father.

I choose benevolence instead of megaphone against these men. After all, after someone throw his own shit or his neighbors shit at you - kicking the shit out of those responsible for covering you with said shit dose have its just rewards - and the mater is settled and another day begins. We should have enlisted them all for it was assholes -elbows, shields - and swords. Blood, sweat, tears. Least we forget the asshole dubbed the "Hooded Menace" - fond of the habit of chucking riot gas nades in the NCO hutch and nailing the doors Shut.

No, ass- whopping was off the menu so …
… what to do?

I had to set an example. I knew what was coming. My damm mother.
She was always right - I could have joined a university.
Yet I forged on, I volunteered

I cried to my mother, oh please, oh plz, send me the //Star Wars remasterd additional footage addition// release edition VHS-d Tapes Part number yadda part - number this number that letter number …. .. Oh mamma please send this !!!

My damm mother, who kicked in the door of the senators office cuz’ I went to chow one to many times. Who always had the horn, that is the mic when she knew I needed to speak, damm near hand delivered, with as much Downey as could be these things:

“Whats in the box O’Toole”?

“My mother she has delivered.”
Chocolates abound, hand baked cookies, from her and my fiancée - the blood haired blue eyed farmers daughter.  Letters from everyone - and god dammed mother fuckerin star wars … VHS tapes by god! The remastered edition with all the additional footage.” -“Oh wow … Apollo 13”

“What did he say?” - :What’s that?” - “No way” “Bullshit” “Fuck that Niger” “Watch your mouth” Fuck you burley” I heard that - Fuck you Burley - what? Fuck you cock sucker! You’re a cocker sucker! Twenty or so men in a small space - a wooden shack the size of a small apartment. They would tell bedtime stories to one another - grown men.

With a deep breath, and a silent prair I thanked my mother - she had delivered to this bastard what he need most, another lease on life. A ways to a means ... I had to give it to her - she was an army mom - she knew what doors to kick in where - and when. Damm you mother.  She drove the spaceship - the 1977 Ford F-350 quarter ton four hundred and sixty cubic inch powered truck with full sized camper. It was - in its flint-stone flavor the first SUV that the ENTIRE FAMILY could fit in the back of. Much like a model of a medical style hummer. My family was not small. The shell was large. The machine was large. If you didn’t hold on when mom hit the accelerator to pass going uphill on the way to grandparents you would slide off the view deck above the cab and onto the floor sliding for the back door feet first - if you where lucky... Mom didn’t care, sometimes dad was hanging off the said hatch or the roof hatch shooting away with his rifle- shit- and you just had to hold on and prey. I lived and I think it was my pathway to Jesus... I Digress ...  where was I?
Jesus help me - my parents are insane! - oh yes ...

There was a big party there once on this farm. The man was on the moon ! My grandfather was happily aghast and for this he bought much fire water. Telescopes where abound, In his farming community he was a silent partner. A warrior, and his well fought for piece of the pie along a fiver delta. He lived within walking distance of not one but two federal He knew his business and he minded it - but when it came to the community at large - he was bigger - badder - cooler and calmer - and that farm it lie in the breast of the most archeological sought sites in all of Arizona. Life giver - ever lasting.  I was such a child - he had the largest television a man could ever own - and when there was a new one from Zenith that was even bigger - he bought it - owned stock in it - talked on the phone with them - nonchalant - you see. He was after all - my grandfather - war hero. The chairman of the board on cool. He liked being the big deal just by being the big deal by proxy. All these thoughts I felt and reviewed as I held in my paws the latest big deal. I ignored the cat calls and the peeks over my shoulder.

“Hysell” - I tossed the tapes, “What we got here?”
He read - “Star Wars - special addition,  D format” I and set him up - I bet him him twenty dollars. I looked again - saw the saran wrap was missing and thought of it as either my father or mother and hoped it was my brother - as it was I would not blame him - and we where getting letters returned blacked out - redacted as it where. We had already had that talk with the NCO’s - no ones mother needed to hear that kind of talk - regardless of what street you grew up on. Or so the Chaplin was told to say. That dammed Chaplin - ratted me out for crying. And then had the audacity to rat me out for calling him out for ratting me out for crying - I though it was confession? I know the rules the same as you …  you bastard! Those bastards.

I came to the big sarge - The Knight, though he not yet know it - a sergeant of but one singular blemish, in the manner of the Hooded Menace, and whispered in his ear. A day later - and more whispering -  “yes it does take VHS” - a day later - “When do we spring it?”

A rumor was spread that a new movie was floating around. That somebody had something special, and it wasn’t something like Johnny mNmoninc which was being played almost every other night being the only movie shared outside of the “Disney Issue” - being smuggled in by one way or another - rumored by the same way of Cuban cigars and fresh white cotter shirts. The theater as it where - was in a sad way - cultural unacceptable to current psychopathic humanitarians - that is plane family fair. Anything and I mean anything out side of this horrible selection of family plane fair feature was of high value and the thought of the well built high capacity outside on the east side where the lower class and higher populated  … Camp Berklly … big breath …  bullshit so good that had to be repeated in two breaths gives the bullish the details - to good to be true - yet believable enough that people start to show up - along the lines of the blues brothers one night only… ...we needed to put ass's in seats as they say in show buisness

It was on day sometime after all the shit of the holidays had gone down that we sprung the theater uprising operation.
Operation Poon Snatch was in full effect.
The far south theater, the shanty, ended up being the primary target as the larger inside the center of the base theater was much harder to control and it had the audacity to take "regular film". Being from Alaska - and ski masks very much needed - where in plentiful supply. Bank robbers, muggers, pirates - don’t fuck with us - was only custom and mindset I said - and this - this is star wars! It was by this logic - which was as it seemed - drunk for 48 hrs and sober and fighting like gladiators in riots the very next - the very following 48 -  it was life - and in this life of perpetual drunkenness and fighting was the outside world - and we longed for it. Nothing it seemed connected more men in the platoon in which I was assigned than “Star Wars”. 

“Don’t’ touch it !” cried the projectionist just before we gagged him.
So, as it where, we shanghaied the private in charge of the primary piece of equipment necessary for said nights entertainment - there we where strolling right up the wooden rampart looking like hooded thieves without a care in the world. The projector came into our control long before the sun had set. Which as it where was lend to the fact that we where able to do some tests and tease the meandering in 48 on and 48 off crew. The beast as it was called was two headed it seemed and was a big thing. It had a hatch on it big enough for a VHS tape.  Of course it was painted O.D. matt green and connected via simple RCA jacks to a projector that sat in its own shipping box. Certainly it was made for the front lines being stout enough to handle a bat - more important than a bullet for infantry work as far as construction went.
In control of the devices we made several tests as and as it was theatrical trailers for movies in which where new to most men - tempers rise as the screen changed sizes and the focus went in and out for it the VCR had a index system - one I was versed in.  This print on VHS had a long index which included color focus tests and the like and could be easily repeated. I was determined to have the best focus and the biggest screen - and to have the most agitated crowd before set it was, the big reveal, the knight well versed in such foolishness was willing to play along to this point - to a point - even if it included the much dammed and once removed and inexplicably returned there and forever after toilet seat theater screen bare there in all of creation and imagination plastered to the screen ... - my mother would be rewarded this theater experience - not by a stolen television and battered VCR - nay - I say - stop this scouting onto Naval base - its forbidden - and they will take them.

Rumors began of "borrowing a safe" to hide when arrived with shovels soldiers, under "orders" to dig a pit and shortly after the men started digging another man arrived with a very reluctant pig on a rope. The first sergeant knowing his part - had arrived a day earlier with part of our plan. No confusion was weaving its way into our simple plan.

Things where getting tense as the sun set. Half of those bastards where already Schlitz on whatever boose they could find - and boy where they getting pist. The rumor spread like wildfire that the of the big new movie title “The sound of music” - which in fact hand not been shown yet - and NOW the projector was going bad? Look! The MP's have arrived and they are leading the shoveler's and the pig away! Rebellion. Anarchy. Anger.

About the time the entire platoon of hooded associates was reinforcing the flimsy wooden doors as they where under assault by all manner of garden tool - for being also a sports field where even soccer and American football was played uphill was this also theater, and at the top of the hill - the shack - the banging on the roof increased as the number of beer bottles and beer cans flying on to the roof was coming as if rain. Our agent provokers where really riling them up - they had had there wild practice with rumors and beer can tossing earlier. The projector window, made of some sort of plexi glass - not being the first time in disgust some solider chucked one through the window as one would a hand grenade. Now, this window now awash, with left over swill from bounced beer cans and the occasionally breaking beer bottle was reaching the crescendo - The Knight opened the door and to the surprise of the fully outfitted in  riot gear assaulting party awash in beer stumbled on in - the first sergeant beer in hand ...

First Sergeant Murphy in the lead with official looking marine MP’s rushed in stumbling - having been assaulting the door for sometime and the assaulted, the guilty party, in our ski masks standing at parade rest presenting the surprise gift to the first sergeant "- in the spirit of the first sergeant punching the now disposed and widely hated Captain in the face - if only the private O’Toole could - of course under the supervision and respect for the first sergeant - read this card if you would TOP…"

The first sergeant was no fool and hoods or not these where none other than several of his well respected men. While knowing his part up to this point, previously inclined that this would happen and the reason behind it and so on a drunken dare made it so. He did not know the number or specific names of those perpetrators except that of the knight, and was surprised wasn't the ring leader for there didn't seem to be one, but many talkative young men all still hoods on making like sinners to a confessor all at once with confessions of even the most hennas of crimes...
...constant and repeated masturbation, the finding of gay German porn in the sergeants locker, and therefore stolen, the known name of the real chicken thief if the confessor be given alibi - for shame cried the rest of black hooded fellows - and yet the Knight, the sergeant whom in his black ski mask couldn't be mistaken for anyone else in the world -handed a simple index card with writing on it to the First seargent. The First Sergeant, not unknown to these sort of young men's games, made the sum of the whole and knowing what must come next shakeing his head- this happening before - read the card handed to him by Private O'Toole - smiled that "first sergeants tired of your bullshit can we get on with it already" smile...
He cleared his throut and the Private grabed the mic of the PA system and held it out to the first seargent for him to hold.
“Alright you assholes” … He spoke - blaring through the sound system.
“FUCK YOU!” - came the reply from outside the window the culprit sure to never be caught - the empty beer missiles became more determined. Agent prevoctors
“Alright god dammit - this is the first sergeant!” Apparently which one didn’t matter - the TOP let alone the SMAG - what’s on the PA - he might be warning them of the M.P’s. At this point the TOP might as well be E.F. HUTTIN - the multitudes of men from multitudes of units - where all ears. This was not the first time this had happened - on no - the theater had been assaulted many times. Somebody in charge - they would burn the place down without entertainment - spurred on by the placed rumors and frothing at the mouth like rapid hyenas for destruction or diversion. The first sergeant knowing his place, the hand dealt him, the table in which those cards where placed, looked at the literature giving to him - seeing the factory printed label - read his card handed to him by the Knight - handed to the knight by private otoole, previously handed to him by private Hysell, and Nacho, and Shepard, and Paylow, and Galloway, Huff, Specialist Harter, Willey, Helm, Specialist Burley, and all those usual unnamed Pirates.

“Al-right - fuck you to! agggghhhh! !I will find you.", the First Sergeant yelled - this being the first time anyone had dared in a long time to openly curse him. He was beginning to ab-libb - Private O'Toole had the audacity to tap the card bringing the card back to the first sergeants attention and focus. Avoiding his hateful gaze pointed to the projector window now being scrubbed by sleeve and filthy hand - eyes peering in only to be jostled away and reappear another set of eyes - he continued.

“This is the latest edition of Star wars with the extra never before seen footage” - so hoops and hollers - along with the begging’s of a drunken chant “bullshit” bullshit” ... Not easily as wining the crowd over as he thought ... in disgust the first sergeant Murphy threw down the card and the microphone clumping on the floor - private OToole doing as ordered plreaseing the play button “Play this shit before things get out of hand." -he one fingered pointed the Knight” - And with his other hand one pointed myself “Where is your NCO boy!?” He said with so much authority and harassment that all the slouch snapped out of me by that instant and at the firm ready position of parade rest - Pointed at sad faced Sergent Jackson. He was standing pale faced beside him and followed as the First Sergeant left. Death in his eyes for private O'Toole - dammed in this deal this horrible card. Sergeant Jackson - not yet able to read those said cards did not yet realize that what was afoot was a game - and that he had been dealt the joker...
...the first sergeant having been delivered a large TV and brand new VCR from agents unknown having found it installed unannounced would have his fun with the
    The movement of  the music started the cheers where vindication enough. As the tell tale words scrolled by the man where cheered out - so exasperated by there previous bought of high spirits few moments before where nearly silent. Its was a big slice of home - and big slice of escapism that held the American heart so dear that it would quell even the ,most vibrant and individual heart of the very best pirates. It was Star Wars - a New Hope - with even 33% more hope! Or so told the trailer for the feature.

After the first new scene trailer advertisement of luke sky walker driving his hover craft in “mos eilse” or what ever was shown and there was ewwws and ahhhs and slight discussion as some new digital creature was shownthe new footage to these hard fighting men was shown and the theater calmed itself - the deal being set to new entertainment of a very special and much rumored type. The few hundred drunk sailors, army, nay - even the marines, ready to burn these establishment s down in disgust - brought to a heal within a few moments - sated by the promise of a “new Hope” … the deal - set.

A hush of silence unknown to the shanty theater came over it as being the screen the sky was dark and fair only the stars shown out.and then from the black cube - stars ... no one dared make a sound.

Someone hit pause! - its even shown in the screen [PAUSE] stars, pause and the beloved toilet seat and all where aghast as the crowd erupted aghast - who was the fool whom dared interrupt this victory of the people?! What fool dare?! To the absolute horror of all in the projector room a full beer bottle erupted on the screen dead on the hole of the toilet seat to a rush of cheers- it was private O'Toole standing by the armored, highly prized and oddly enough unsecured VCR and projector system - operating manual in hand. Private O'Toole picked up the mic - as smug as the Cheshire cat. He flicked it on with just as much confidence and looked openly to the assembled cast for associates and would be protagonists - and he spoke:

“Alright, listen up you bitches, you heard the fist sergeant!” -groans could be heard in high volume outside as the young private with a big breath readied himself- “We got the new star wars - but listen up - there is more you got to hear” - you could hear with the hushed silence come those shut the fuck up's and shushes - and pokes and prods into ones silence jerking heads and pushing arms - for not the crowd could Private O'Toole of the assaulting men could see big the wall so flush to where the screen was in respect to the seats.  The only indicator of a crowd the silent glitters of the cigaret cherries and the occasional out puff of a dimly lit haggard man ...
“we got all three!”, it came over the intercom - turned full volume by the First. A Pause from the crowd - some cheers with hopeful silence.
“Tomorrow night - the best of the star wars movies with additional footage - 'The Empire Strikes Back'!” - Crazy ass cheers - the crowd now convinced they have been mislead and teased for some great moment and now knowing what it was - having the next 48 hours off and now willing to play any game that came through in a great show of forgiveness. Private O’Toole continued despite his friends plee’s …
    “Next Friday will be “Return of the Jedi” - with the beer tossing competition aimed at that dammed toilet seat that we cant keep on the screen - other wise you assholes will half to watch Jedi with that dam toilet seat water mark” - more groans of confusion that due respect at this remark yet - to the annoyance of all involved at the moment O’Toole - instead of hitting play - the one button that would absolve everyone of the situation - continued:
“Alright - listen up …  if you want empire strikes back and return of the Jedi - you need to donate your beer to the front door of the second platoon of the 1-17th infantry - where the third hutch down from the far northwest corner of Berkley - that’s second platoon - one one seven.
    The play button was finally served. Go full scrwwn on that link and just imagine the hell I put everyone through.
    Private O’Toole, also know to those in command as Captain O’Toole, a man whom among his peers was qualified as a hunter, and a parachutist, a Chaplin, a secondary MOS as a infantry commander - brought great joy to the men through great showmanship - a touch of apprehension, and a splash of surprise. The vast majority of the men affected with this joy, never knew of any of the men so previously named or their involvement. Regardless of name - rank- position - the seven days following the premiere of the Empire sticks back - second platoon, bravo company, first of the seventieth had a surplus of beer - a disgustingly wide supply of beer - that the premier of “Return of the Jedi: was received in such holy vehemence the only reason the movie was delayed …  by public rule no less until the sun had toughly set to right of the assembled crowd… was due to the beer tossing contest against the horrible toilet seat so fastened to the gigantic screen - located as far as one could climb up the telephone pole and still reach the screen the far lower right corner. It stayed where is was fastened with much fan fare nary a ladder could be found and much hoot and whistle and other drunk escapade of three men a portable generator for the joke was that not even on there shoulders could they reach with power tool and dislodge the horrible device - and thus the first empty beer can and flashlights not prevailing even the most determined human ladder- the movie started. Fuzzy little animals and everything in between as everything of note was cheered and cried about. The scuttlebutt among these movie goers was true - this wasn’t some fluke - the good times where going to roll. The word was out the that last new movie was Apollo thirteen - no way = no shit bro - Apollo thirteen just now hitting the theater screens back home - was also in VHS and ready to play on that screen.
     The First Sergeant - seeing on this opportunity very professionally - threatened imposed boycott, which was a relief... ...and then the next day and to much gnashing of teeth - forfeiture of property, of said movie Apollo 13 ...if physical training scores didn’t improve - Slack Jaw Larry had spoken - it was law - which became an issue as some of the slower older slugs where threatened physical harm in the most horrid ways.
    Rumors and scuttle butt aside: the word was out - being in second platoon - bravo company - first of the seventieth "Buffaloes" was definitely in. "Private" O'Toole got a letter of recommendation from the eye eyed marine in charge of the facilities - all hell, what was his name? Captain O'Toole receiving word of his appointment through whispered channels was given thorough orders - date of his said reception to Alaskan command- and thus the formation of the Reconnaissance Platoon with orders to follow ... blah ... blah ... blah ... and ending with find the actual hooded menace and kill him - which meant knock it off.

    Little did these "hardcore men" - and "Bad-dass" men, as they where growing quite complacent of calling themselves know, … that we could get the in the base theater "The Big Gay Theater" with its solid one construction screen - plush seats - far better sound system - and a roof - if only we could... ...only to have another fight break out - of course -in the theater.  But that - that is a story for another time. For certainly we don't have the time to hear of the "Big Gay Theater" - the one eyed Marine bastard - "the sweepers" - the workers revolt - and our surprise guest - whom no one cared about.
   Who actually turned out to be a very big deal.

- Sword - AKA - The Hooded Menace … 33RD Commander in Effect …The FNG (they should have known then).

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Status : The Hell with you ...

Facebook is for idiots.

I have said this before - perhaps in a better way.
I fail however to see the novelty of telling the entire world what you are doing and thinking every minute of the day. To give your names and families names, and names of all your acquaintances, address, times and locations of your whereabouts - constantly and consistently - without being asked - nay - even complete with picture identification even … shows me that the general whole of the population has lost its mind.

I left Facebook for this reason.

I have also left face book because I feel that the troll is being fed the other way. That’s the problem with secret rooms - they are not really that secret when they are on the damm webb. I have grown so very dam tired of this banging my head against the wall - I did my bit - and we need to focus on moving on. And when I mean we - I mean - no more extra help around here logging, fact checking, peeking, etc, etc…

The deliberate fool Richard C - well - he’s got his butter bar - he has his oath - if he does his bit that he swore he would do, great - if he doesn’t - fine. It’s at the point anymore that he is really irrelevant - it doesn’t matter if he says anything “actionable” about our tribe of the North Sword. The cats going to be out of the bag soon enough already. When that happens he will not be my problem anymore - so - he’s on the plank - what he does is his game now. The ADL will handle all of the times he has referenced us as fascists - and there will be a retraction - a loud one.

If you gentleman haven’t noticed - I am not a public person. Perhaps this lifestyle of hide and seek far away from you people has leant to the fact that I cannot mesh well with society as perhaps all of you. On that note, this real time flavor - almost on a 24hr basis - lends to the fact that you guys “see me” either after my weak daily schedule or these ridicules long weekends - argo - I am usually having a few - and a few to many. With that being said I can’t allow myself to be painted drunk and disorderly when the government and my men already know - indeed - not a garrisonable solider.

Things have been accelerating for me, soon these issued boots are going to be coming in and I shall be field.  Blogg posts will be far less infrequent. Within a relatively short cycle we will be back where we need to be.

I am a field combat officer, not a Public Relations Liaison - as a matter of fact I should have never been as public as I am now - nay - never should it have been.

It started here - and its going to end here.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


When to throw the yoke.
I mean really.
I have been thinking about, well …a lot of things. Primarily about my responsibilities, and trust me, those are many. Beyond the youth of my wilds consisting of kicking ass, taking names, and teaching others of my ilk to do the same in kind - then the separation of governance. The loneliness of position and status. The self reliance of a lion in the face of impossible odds. The ability to form ones own pride. The distinction and honor of name.

The original Enterprise was born Canadian as a small, fast moving, hard hitting sloop of timber and sail in St. John, Quebec, with the distasteful name of George … 

… on 18 May 1775 Colonel Benedict Arnold took Liberty on the Richelieu river and with a surprise attack captured the Enterprise (still named George at that moment) and took her as his prize. She was a green ship, just having been built that same year. His log book entry on the matter of the attack is quite exciting:

 "My last was on the 14th instant by Mr. Romans via New Haven. I then acquainted you of the occasion of delay in not carrying your orders into execution. The afternoon of the same day being joined by Capts. Brown and Oswald with 50 men enlisted on the road they having taken possession of a small schooner at Skeenesborough, we immediately proceeded on our way to St. Johns and at 8 O'clock P.M. on the 17th instant arrived within 30 miles of St. Johns. The weather proving calm, we manned out two small batteau with 35 men and the next morning at 7 O'clock arrived at St. Johns, surprised and took a sergeant and his party of 12 men, the King's sloop of about 70 tons with 2 brass 6 pounders and 7 men without any loss on either side.... We took such stores on board as were valuable and the wind proving favorable in two hours after our arrival weighed anchor for this place with the sloop and 4 of the King's batteau having destroyed 5 others, so that there is not left a single batteau for the King's troops, Canadians or Indians to cross the Lake if they have any such intention.... We are masters of the Lake and of that I make no doubt as I am determined to arm the sloop and schooner immediately"

From there the sloop Enterprise was given twelve guns, ten swivels, 50 men, slapped on the ass and put to war against the British in Lake Champlain, not the Atlantic. This was a incredibly strategic waterway during the revolutionary war as it effectively split what is now the borders of New York and Vermont. This inland lake that is connected to all the other great lakes and waterways leading out to the Atlantic was absolutely vital to the colonists. If this lake was lost, the British would cut the colonies in half, surround … isolate them … eventually prevail.
While the Enterprise played her part in maintaining control over Lake Champlain, there was much controversy over both who would command her and who would sail her.  Perhaps rightfully so, and as such things happen the fighting spirit of the ship prevailed during the Battle of Valcour island.
The Enterprise and her fleet, numbering fifth-teen, spotted the British fleet numbering forty-five ships - they where out gunned in weight of shot, guns and ships. Benedict Arnold carefully choose his position in a narrow channel, their mission was not survival but to slow the British advance on New York. The Enterprise and her fleet squared off against a British fleet of forty-five on the morning of 11 October 1776.
The Enterprise and her fleet fought their ships all day valiantly, however, buy the nightfall the Colonial fleet had suffered badly. Damaged and sinking the Enterprise and her fleet muffled oars and in the dead of night, through fog, weaved through a gap only a mile wide between British ships and Indian scouts placed on the shore. By morning, she had escaped.

Through horrible cold winds and rain the Enterprise and her remaining fleet struggled on and eventually made it to safety at Ticonderoga. The Enterprise was one of four of the original 15 to survive... There at Ticonderoga she stayed to provide defensive duties. While the losses where heavy it was the greatest strategic naval victory of the entire war. The British had to wait another whole year before attempting an attack on New York, and this led to the victory over British troops at Saratoga almost a year to the date on October 17 - 1777. The Enterprise and her valiant crew snatched freedom from the jaws of defeat.

On a evacuation mission during July of 1777, the Enterprise ran afoul of the British, and to avoid capture - was run aground and burned by her crew. Aside from Benedict Arnold, Ethan Allen, and Jeremiah Halsey are well notables that also commanded her. She was considered the “nucleus” of the fleet and was often the flag ship…

 … …
The Committee of Secret Correspondence of the Continental Congress purchased a small successful privateer schooner on 20 December 1776, named it Enterprise, and set her about harassing the British Atlantic fleet based out of Chesapeake Bay.  Apparently she was decommissioned in Maryland in February of 1777 …
… …

Now, the actual first U.S.S. Enterprise sailed twenty two years latter in December of 1799 and was directed into the southern waters of the Caribbean and based in Basseterre, St Kitts. At that time the Enterprise and crew fought eight French privateers, many of which where larger than herself - that being a twelve gun schooner. The high number of prizes and rate of success’s earned her the nickname “Lucky Little Enterprise”.

So, now the Barbary Pirates are asking for protection money and Thomas Jefferson says the hell with that, the trade route is vital and teh CIC won't be bothered with pirates from Tripoli. The frigates President, Philadelphia, and Essex along with the Enterprise where ordered to the Meditiranan squadron and left June 1, 1801. The Enterprise left Hampton Roads, Virginia, with Lt. Andrew Sterret in command.
Before being given command of the Enterprise for what was certainly going to be a lively cruise, Sterret had already summarily executed two men aboard the U.S.S. Constellation - one for leaving his gun in combat - the other for backing away from boarders. He is quoted as saying “We would put a man to death for even looking pale on this ship” … He got horrible press in the American papers for his actions - and promoted.
On the journey from America to the Mediterranean the Enterprise sailed in formation with the fleet. The larger frigates has more sail to press and made better speed in the winds the fleet was sailing through. Eventually, the fleet commander, frustrated, ordered the Enterprise to make her own way.
Commodore Dale the squadron commander and his staff was flabbergasted to find the Enterprise at anchor when they arrived at Gibraltar on July 1. Sterret and the Enterprise had made adjustments to her trim and found favorable winds appropriate for a schooner - and had arrived five days earlier than the rest of the fleet.

One month after entering the Mediterranean, the Enterprise found its first fight, and fired the first shots of the First Barbary war on 1 Aug, 1801 with the corsair vessel Tripoli
…Sterrett reports it best himself in his letter of report to Commodore Dale:
“I have the honor to inform you, that on the 1 of August, I fell in with a Tripolitan ship of war, called the Tripoli, mounting 14 guns, commanded by Rais Mahomet Rous. An action immediately commenced within pistol shot, which continued three hours incessantly. She then struck her colors. The carnage on board was dreadful; she having 30 men killed and 30 wounded, among the latter was the Captain and first Lieutenant. Her sails, masts and rigging were cut to pieces with 18 shot between wind and water. Shortly after taking possession, her mizzenmast went over the side. Agreeably to your orders, I dismantled her of everything but an old sail and spar. With heartfelt pleasure I add, that the officers and men throughout the vessel [Enterprise], behaved in the most spirited and determined manner, obeying every command with promptitude and alertness. We have not had a man wounded, and we have sustained no material damage in our hull or rigging”
For sharp action in the face of a stronger enemy, President Thomas Jefferson awarded a ceremonial sword to Sterret and gave a extra months pay to the crew. 

From there on out the Enterprise and her human element cruised the Mediterranean - specifically the coast of Tripoli, razing hell, burning ships and generally making itself a nuisance to the enemy. One brave action of note was the action with the U.S.S New York in which crew members from both ships stormed a beach head under heavy fire in order to burn a dozen enemy grain ships. The odds where 50 Americans to an estimated one thousand. The crew members who held that action against the enemy are noted to have taken great satisfaction, there faces beaming in the firelight of the burning ships.

The Enterprise’s command was turned over to a Lt. Decatur, and Sterret was offered command of a ship being completed in American shipyards. This all turned  for the worse very soon however when Decatur was promoted ahead of Sterret. Sterret resigned his commission in disgust, latter worked for the merchant marines and later died in Lima, Peru at the rip old age of 29.

Enterprises new commander made good use of his time on this very popular ship. At one point in 1803 during the Barbary Wars the U.S.S. Philadelphia was chasing enemy ships and ran aground a sand bar - thus captured. Decatur was given command of an additional ship, the Intrepid, and was ordered to sneak into the harbor at Tripoli and burn the now captured Philadelphia. A midshipman made this report:
“The sleepy Tripolitans never expected a gang of howling Americans to appear in the midst of a harbor protected by a massive fortress. Many of the Tripolitans simply leaped overboard; others fled below to the orlop deck; the rest were quickly cut down.... Fires were started in every corner of the ship, and the flames began to lick up into the tarred rigging. Decatur was the last man off -- in a flying leap into the rigging of the Intrepid.... When [the Philadelphia] was just under the [Bashaw's] castle, the fire finally reached her magazine and she exploded with an immense thunderclap that reverberated over the town and showered its inhabitants with blazing remnants”
 The Enterprise and the Intrepid’s crews received two months extra pay, their commander Decatur was made Captian, the youngest in the American navy at the time. British Naval commander Lord Nelson was quoted as saying on the action: “the most daring feat of the age” …

The Enterprise sailed through the Mediterranean seas making American interests all the way to 1810, well after the end of the Barbary Wars. The now decommissioned Enterprise escaped the auction block due to her popularity as a prize taking ship (which all saliors got a pieace of the prize money) and the fact that the maritme community rallied newspapers to save her.

She sailed again, completely rebuilt and rerigged as a 16 gun brig under the command of Master Commandant Johnston Blakely - one month latter - the stronger, faster, more agil, more experianced U.S.S. Enterprise entered into war with Britian on 18 June 1812...

  Stick around for Part Two: The Incredible saga continues … 
...and Part Three: If your going to imply an "Enterprise Mission" you better have balls enough to play the part.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Ramblings

So - everyone wants a blogg. Why?

While the Blogg does its thing - everyone seems to have migrated over to “face book”…
… and I found this very depressing. I and a good number of people in my line of work shall we say - find this “social media networking” a complete fail for the nation. What a complete waste of an excellent tool. The internet was supposed to be better than this.

Instead, its letting the entire world know everything at one time. By everything I mean - everything. Now we have twitter, the up to the second tell the world what your thinking, even Nasa getting in on it. Is anyone really this important? Seriously? Now we have some kat airing the dirty laundry of nations and putting to task kings and other great leaders armed with nothing but the truth. The powers that are throw him in jail. Governments are asking you not to read them. Everyone on the face of the planet with access to a computer can now know what everyone else is doing because if we aren’t telling them what where doing ourselves - someone else is.

I don’t know what the big deal is anyway.  It only confirms what we already know as a people and reconfirms the fact that we are powerless to stop it. We invited it into our lives. We became entertained. We as a nation became fat and lazy. Even our wars we hire out to dirty mercenaries. 

Certainly seems the nation is polarized between those who are truly ignorant and want to stay that way, and those who are not. At least that’s the way I see it. How do you wake up a society when all they do is tweet, face book, blogg, and leak?

Errr… …Join them?
Indeed - that’s what the powers that be want - for the funding. Seriously - funding. The nations so broke apparently that we are going to sponsor this colonization by industrial heavy hitters. I hate that idea, what’s been agreed to originally has already blossomed into something - sideshow. My people can fund this on our own - and maybe that’s what we need to be so mum about.

In my little section of the world, the moon turned red over the head of Orion. This new year heralds’ a lot of jubilee. 

2010 Ends.


Friday, August 6, 2010

The Secret Half

Sunday Briefings.
… … …
    That’s why I insist that ALL my men can read a simple map. Take away the technology and most modern soldiers are weak. On bad days the technology means you end up bombing yourself. So…
…its pretty important, that given your location, that when your calling in an air strike, that you know your location from that of your enemy. Don’t just tell the fast mover that you want a 500 pound bomb on the location that your fucking GPS tells you. While your getting shot at you might have pushed a button on that thing. Maybe that god dammed wonderful device wants to die and forgot to tell you.
    Officers, know how to read a fucking map.
    The next time I hear, “I Dunno“, out of a single one of you when I ask, do you know where we are -or- nay you say Dunno to this question: Do you know what is going to happen next?
If I hear, Don’t know, I will personally put my boot up your ass so far, you will be able to tie my shoelaces with your lips. Do you understand?
    Again with the stupid nods and blank looks of acceptance because no one wants to think about that shit on a Sunday.
    Oh, sure, so called conventional warfare is grand gentleman because the citizen doesn't half to look his prey, and then kill, in the eyes, however, those men whom we hold as heroes in our media lore are but based of an illusion. Those men called in artillery strikes and air strikes based off of coordinates from a universal map.
    You gentleman are very versed in beating people up and wielding hatchets in threatening ways, this I know for I have taught you to do so. I have lead you against an enemy worthy of your talents, and you have persevered, but in quite a conventional manner. You, the dogs of war that you are, you where lead into that combat by me ...because I can read a map. Now, you young heros the least you can do right now is sit down and help me gain control of this room.
    Attention soldiers, I want your attention here.
    …Gentleman! Order! …
    …Order or I am kicking someone’s ass! … Why is there a woman in here, stop that … get out …let go of her solider … for Christ’s sake Sergeant…
    Thank You.
    Thank You Sergeant.
    …in any event, my people of the sun, its coming back again, in this era of terror, we tell our fathers… …this time it comes a back again, it’s a renegade of the Son.
    Why do I tell you men this? Especially when you men are so unsettled? So not yet un-used to my weekly verse. So used to fighting amongst yourselves. ...Not hearing a word I am saying...

     Knowing two schools, one strictly based of the teachings of martial warfare, specifically, the use of a sword, I have dismally found that the modern solider knows nothing of sword, nor of shield even…
only factory produced rifle that shoots pellet to kill.

     Now that I have your attention Gentleman…
     ...This solider to whom I have been speaking knows nothing of hand to hand combat except the few remedial steps taken in basic American combat training. He cannot sow the land, he cannot hunt game alone, this American solider given to me cannot build a house even ... he is naked in total outside of the American Environment ... that of which is air conditioned and orderly. To the American in general, resources not of want ... from hand. This is the apparent reward of our post World War Two's victorious society. The grand fighting world power of the U of S of A consists of a generation once removed from there grandparents, those forefathers, this a generation that has grown weak on the use of atari button in training for, and in the act of war, all with the punch of a button - the childish illusion that if we close our eyes or press a button the enemy goes away. This is not how it is - you must hunt that which hunts you with a weapon and butcher it before you. Oh lord help me, nary a boyscout among them...
     Yes Gentleman, I am speaking of you.
     Gentleman, this symbolism we ware on our shoulders speak much more than that of just some fancy trinket to make us look special in our class a's. Keep in mind gentleman that this Regimental symbolism in total is a conglomerate of many symbolic images…

     Let  us dive right in. The first symbol we can attest to in our regimental order is that of the … so called … Iron Cross, here on the top left of the regimental crest. After today you men will no longer attest to this being a Iron Cross, ever.
     I know that you men are assimilated, and I do say assimilated… you men are assimilated to this symbolism already, this symbolism in our regimental order is that of bikers, surfers, and German Soldiers of yester-lore…
     I will attest to you men that this so called Iron cross does not mean nor imply anything to do with the Germans nor Hitler, nor Nazism in the context that this was created by then, no, the Nazi German war machine stold this bit of symbolism as well as others, however they did not start useing this war medal device during the last World War, but in fact much much further back. To quote and paraphrase some old texts:
A cross pattée also known as a "cross patty", "cross formy" or inGerman "Tatzenkreuz", is a type of cross that has arms which are narrow at the centre, and broader at the perimeter. The name comes from the fact that the shape of each arm of the cross was thought to resemble a paw...
     A paw gentleman - like yogi and boo-boo - they have paws - so do lions - so, keep that in mind that this was an article of symbolism that lends itself to royalty. First used publicly by the British crown, it was latter used by knights of the royal crown during the crusades, then even latter associated with the Knights of The Templar ...and... the Knights of the Maltese also known as the Hospital - Tier - Knights.
     However - today being the generation that it is, you spoiled young men, how we people lavish on you... it has associations with biker gangs, neo-Nazis, surfers, and every other type of hippie trouble maker you can think off. Wearing the same colors, symbols and devices as you men do, I can say that at least we all are in good company. For certainly I am named after an angel - but as many witness here can attest - I am no saint.
     I’ll tell you gentleman why the next image is a pentagon, and why is not... ...because the previous image, the cross, is a Mathematical structure, and so is this... ..this fortress here. This gentleman, to surprise those of you paying attention, is not a pentagon, while it is a pentagon. Nay, gentleman, in this regiment it is symbolic of a fortress. The mathematical fortress consists of mathematical ways of defense -rather than that of firepower... that against invading numbers, a group of determined people can defend themselves and repulse the enemy. This is a teaching of our little independent tribe, this command... ...and oh yes, yes gentlemen, you will learn to fortify.When that time comes I will teach you more of this subject. Now I will scramble your noodle... ...Pentagonaly... ...gentleman - always assume a vortex ...
     But-back to our cross for a moment…

     …some of you gentleman might be prudent to know that this cross is also associated with Firefighters and also and quite more importantly, The Knights... ...The Knights Hospitaller, other wise known as the Knights of Maltese that you have heard me mention before. The symbolism of the cross resonates strongly with them as well. The Knights Templar, Maltese, and a score full of others all have a very entwined and well documented history. The history of there duties and adventures are of course not in this briefing, That would take quite some time to explain.
     Understand this, us Knights and the fortress they and we shall build, and that defensive wall of choice- a masonary wall made by the hands of men...
     ...Now you men will put this wall up under magnifying lens, and say, oh, that could be made of trees, so many of you refusing to except what you already know. That our forefathers before us, many of them volunteers for Americas wars, joined a higher fraternity of man, distinguished all there own amoung themselves, sought brotherhood against all that preys on man. Royal Men, building fortresses - out of brick and mortar - masons as there night job - we cant fight forever men.
     The image, symbolic imagery if you will I speak of... ...of course is that of the Masonry wall. It is said that a people learn more about walls from there enemies than a man learns from his neighbor. You men will notice that military housing has no fences. Keep that in mind for that may change.
     The fourth and bottom emblem of course, to my understanding resonates more so among the men, is that of man of legendary spirit who commanded this regiment once before. I am speaking of course of a man known as “Wild Bill” … listen to me gentleman, for I want you to understand this, for it means a greater understanding of what we do and why we do it. Heed these words:
     …during the Korean war, a commander came of a sort - whom was so effective - and thus so loved by his men, a commander fond of blitzkrieg like attacks and guerrilla type tactics, that the unit as a whole was given the nickname … "The Thunderous Herd"... ...Or in referencing its commander "Wild Bills Murderous Herd"...
     That is gentleman, that this leader of the pack as it where, this commander…
     …made sure that you goof balls had clean socks, a clean rifle, plenty of ammo, and best of all, a mama-san to dress you, slap you on the ass and send you out to war. Everybody who was anybody in the Korean War wanted to be in “Wild Bills Thundering Herd”. Men of this regiment where well feed, well outfitted and armed well. One man was able to wrangle a unit of hundreds together and raise all holy hell on his enemies in Korea. This man among men held his own in what many refer to as "The Forgotten War".
     Prudent men will be conscientious enough to see that this is indeed a white buffalo, and will have some grasp of its symbolic message. To many native Americans, the white buffalo is big medicine. We can get into this latter gentleman... ...however be aware of this fact... ...A white buffalo was recorded at the U.S. Army Arctic Testing Center, Fort Greely, just a hundred miles from here. This buffalo was part of a herd that had been ...relocated... from Montana.
     Any man whom can bring me the date of this happening, will gain a four day pass... ...and I mean a pass gentleman, no more pass's when I call the platoon to run and i find out someone or ones have gone to Hawaii on a mac flight. Or worse yet, went AWOL. How you got through six border stations to marry your one true love, I still, and alarmingly still, cannot figure out how it was done. Yes you DePalma. You get a pass... ...stop shaking your head... ...yes...
     Anyway, you will get a pass if you can bring me information instead of wee-mon. Plenty of wee-mon around here boys.
     The sum of this whole here gentleman is the facts, Long before us our descendants in this regimental sized unit has fought in every American war and just about every war before that starting Crusading knights on a Holy mission, and of those men whom know fortresses... .. bringing holy omens to the lands beneath there very feet... ...and as an invading force of nature ... trample all that stands before them, like wheat to be sown before the scythe.

Saturday Night Live.
Tomorrow you men will receive a briefing that is very important and I expect everyone, drunk or not - injured or not - to attend. Not only do I say so, the US Army said so, therefore, the Department of defense, to whom your ass contractually belongs, and ultimately your responsibility to the people - so help your dammed soul … gentleman … better be there.

Friday Fight Night.
     Alright you assholes, why in the hell are there more than thirty people in this room. The four wives non-withstanding! This is outrageous!
     I have been putting up with you assholes all week… Ladies, get out.
     No I am serious … Faster, get out … faster.
     Miss Tuten, and yes I said it that way, shue now, he has enough tape already. STOP kissing him. Enough of that! All four of you! Get out. Now! God Dammit! If someone doesn’t, all right then…
     …Today, Friday, We will split Quarters. We will not fight among ourselves today.
     Now, you book-worm-ish assholes to whom I have taken an axe of military knowledge and terminology and bash into your skulls are wondering who is moving and where. No.
     This is not how it will be.
     Tuten will bring down a list of things to be collected, they are close by.  After a small break basically what you men are going to be doing is actually swinging that machete I have had you carry around on your backs all week. Today gentleman we will cut down many trees. I will teach you how to be accurate and why.
     First... ...You ladies can make twelve and a half cent necklaces.

Lookout  Post / Yukon Charlie

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The pre and post hypnosis show ...

Sunday morning briefings, in the same basment that someone boldly (like a lamb) went into before, would usually go something like this:

"They made it!"
"They are on the moon. "
I remember my father running around the house yelling this ... trying to put his clothes on, while my mother ran around behind him asking “Whoo?! Whoo?!”
“Let the rest of the world think we are behind. We don’t have to let a world that has not been witness to anything, know anything...” - my father said.
It was 1980. Ronald “Ray-Gun” Regan was in office.

I was five years old...

I was born a grunt, like you men are, of biblical proportions.
Under one god, battle star , one fight so say we all.
Sounds funny to say that, what I just said.
I should have said:, Under god, indivisible, for liberty and justice for all.
We all know that line now don’t we.
Beyond that my men, I doubt after that’s all said and done, we have anything else in common. When you’re the type of man being of a boy that was raised in hell, you tend to appreciate Satan’s works for what they are, and you strive as a youth to strike him down for all that your worth.
I am starting at the cultural roots for my teachings to you. You must understand who I am the same way I know you, your wives, your children, and even more intimately than that, what you do in combat. However my men, as your sword arm grows, so must your shield, your brain, your knowledge, your teachings, those to must also grow. Now listen to what I have to say to you.

How you fight and why you fight is a very intimate thing.
Gentleman, I have been teaching the baser elements of being a member of this platoon. To put men to the sword, to look them in the eye while doing it is not the only thing we do well around here and not the only thing you should be tought. We also think, build, and improve the ways we do things by using our minds. We will not always need to slay our enemy. And for this reason, it is time you learned to fight with your mind.

When I first saw the symbolic image of the star of David, I saw it stenciled on a wheeled craft on the show "Battle Star Galactica". It was an important symbol, and seeing it on television, MY father insured that I understood its relevance, that the people in trouble where on the good guys side, gods side. That was September 17, 1978, I was three years old.
Through my studies I have learned that this eninagmatic red star has much to do with our unit, my command, and your duty. Not only is this symbol historically known, throughout the world, it is also your unit patch and you will ware it proudly and with distinction. For my students, you now belong to a very old and proud group of volunteers who have lead there lives, and sacificed their lives... the protection of others.

Historically, this Red star of David, refers directly back to the holy writ of the David versus Goliath, that old biblical fable. I am sure you have heard of it. David, having to face the goliath, using a single stone to fall him and thus win the day...

It didn’t happen like that my students.
Things often change quickly when you read and undersand the source material. ehem, get out your notepads from your left breast pocket immediatly. I am tired of dumn looks - and vague nods of acceptance. I require you men to understand...
Saul, he was, generalized for context at this momment - the King o'Jews, second in command only to our holy father who apprently had cell phone service with Saul. They where, at one point, pretty tight.
However king Saul Failed in combat, and refused a lawfully given order from his commander who is god, our lord. Saul refused to kill women, children, the elderly, to put to sword and torch every living thing of the Amalekites. Saul the King of Israel, waging holy war - disobeyed the law. Thus, god lost favor with the king and denied him a holy appointed heir. Saul has a son, a Jounathan, but the lord refuses him by not naming him. Seeking a divinely illuminated choice in an heir, Saul has seven sons of a man called Jesse brought to him for in the holy book of Isaiah, the 11th chapter, first verse, it is said: “There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots.”

The Seven men or heirs of Jesse, the whole family tree, are brought before him and god ... speaks not to Saul. So what now? Saul asks: “Is this it? That’s all you brought?”
Jesse, a sheep owner and hearder says: “No I got the small fry out back tending the sheep, you want to see him? David!? … David!! Get your little ass in here!”
And our Lord spoke: “'Rise and anoint him; he is the one.”

Before David can spin around twice and run for it he is made a squire of Saul and forced to carry around Saul’s armor. Some promotion huh? David follows Saul around and: “whenever the spirit from God came upon Saul, David would take his harp and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better, and the evil spirit would leave him." Haul weapons and armour and give the king a song, your in the Army now kid.

So, as war is as war does the isrealites are at war with the Philistines. David being around the front lines hears that some giant in the enemy lines has come forward demanding single combat, the stakes, winner takes all. An entire war will end over the outcome of single combat.
After 40 days of listening to this, David has had just about enough of that shit and goes to his brothers, also fighting along with Saul and asks to be the one to engage in the single combat. Understand that the historical David is not a child but rather a man whom testified that he had killed both a lion and a bear. He could take em, Saul allows it.
David, facing the goliath uses his adopted kings cultural weapon, a sling, and fell’s the enemy with a singular blow to the head. Just ot prove David has a pair, he cuts of the vanquished philistines head off with his sword.
... Gentleman, that’s balls.
Stand before your enemies, slay one of their brethren and then cut the head off? Within striking arm distance of thousands of your lands enemies?
Balls, gentleman, balls.

Saul, getting old, and having the media sensation available steps down and makes David the commander of his all his armies, he even issues him a wife. At this point David shows the Israelites just what waging war is all about. Ohhhh, -The women of is-real lament - Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands!!
Saul, still king, feels like a smuck now because he’s just not man enough to get the blood pumping of even the women - and thus tires to have David killed many times in battle - but alas, this fails. The women, and the men, the entire Israelite people only end up loving him more. It appears gentleman, that the only thing Young David had going for him at the time was the fact that he took more heads than Saul - remember that students.

His people loved him because he killed more than anyone else.

Eventually, in another battle, with the Philistines, Saul and his boy Jonathan die.
David is then anointed king of Judah . He then officially names all his war buddies as his “Three and Thirty”. A platoon between 30 and 37 men whom where, as documented in the bible to be the meanest, badest, battle tested Jews that could be found.

Of course through there many exploits someone tries to usurp David’s legitimacy, and that leader is not met on the battlefield. Oh no, this individual is assassinated. No mess, no fuss. Everyone forgets about him. Problem solved.

David gets out, life moves on. Solomon, one of David’s sons takes the throne as the king and immediately sets on making Jerusalem his capital city. King Solomon's Seal, a biblical relic, is a ring said to be given to him from heaven. This symbol, whose base is on the ground and whose tip reaches heaven, symbolizes a harmony of opposites, This reflects the cosmic order, the skies, the movement of the stars in their spheres, and the perpetual flow between heaven and earth, between the elements of air and fire. The Seal, therefore, symbolizes super-human wisdom and rule by divine grace.

Rule of divine grace can be assured not only by the lords law, the court utmost high, but also through science. You see beyond the Jewish national associations which have only become attached to it in the last few hundred years, the abstract element of the figure, which is connected symbolically to the celestial stars, its geometrical completeness make it a universal symbol.

The symbol is much more universal than you would think. The form itself - a six pointed star was considered by not only Solomon, David, Saul and Jesse to be spiritual and divine - documented to be heaven sent - it was also defined as celestial magic.
Mathematical … Celestial … Mah-jick.

This, magical star, “Magical Hexagram” is a 6-pointed geometric object. The magic starts with the “magic” constant of 26.
An N-pointed magic star is a star polygon in which numbers are placed at each of the N-vertices and N-intersections.

Ergo it is such that the four numbers on each line sum to the same magic constant, 26. The magic constant of an n-pointed normal magic star is M = 4n + 2. No star polygons with fewer than 5 points exist, and the construction of a normal 5-pointed magic star turns out to be impossible. The smallest examples of normal magic stars are therefore 6-pointed.
This gentleman is why bolts have a hexagonal head and not a pentagonal one in most cases. This is why the same order of points above is also the same method of tightening the six studs on a six lug tire after changing it.
There are a lot of significances attributed to the Star of David. Some sources say that it signifies the number seven, six corners and the center. The number seven has itself significance in Judaic religion like the six days of creation plus the seventh day of rest, the Seven Spirits of God and more.
Some researchers have presented a theory according to which the hexagram represents the astrological chart at the same time when David was born or when he was anointed as king. Some beliefs refer to the Star of David as a symbol for the six directions of space plus the center: up, down, east, west, north, south and center.

More importantly the two dimensional image is actually a representation of a three dimensional object. The best way to describe this can be best done by Rabbi Naftali Silberberg...
*"...The Zohar(vol. III 73a) states, "There are three knots connecting [three entities] one to another: the Holy One, blessed be He; Torah and Israel." The Jewish soul connects to its Creator through the study and observance of Torah. The triangle represents the connection between these three entities. The fact that in a triangle each of the three corners are connect to the two other ones demonstrates that the Jewish soul is itself knotted to God. Torah study and observance doesn't create a connection between the Jew and God—it merely brings it to light.
The essence of the soul connects with God's essence through the study of the teachings of Kabbalah.
These three entities are each comprised of a pnimiyut (inner dimension) and a chitzoniyut (external dimension): The Torah is comprised of both exoteric teachings (the Talmud, Jewish law, etc.) as well as esoteric teachings (the Kabbalah).
God's "revealed" energy permeates and provides existence to all worlds, but His essence is completely hidden, transcending all of creation. Similarly, the soul (which is a reflection of God) … As it is stated in Job (19:26), "From my flesh I can perceive God." … has a revealed element, that level that expresses itself within and vivifies the body, as well as an essence that transcends the body.
The double triangle of the Star of David (Magen David) symbolizes the connection of both dimensions of God, Torah and Israel: The external level of the soul connects to the external expression of God via studying the exoteric parts of Torah; the essence of the soul connects with God's essence through the study – and application of – the teachings of Kabbalah.

Another explanation:
Kabbalah teaches that God created the world with seven spiritual building blocks — His seven emotional attributes. Accordingly, the entire creation is a reflection of these seven foundational attributes.
The SEVEN emotional tributes of our lord are:
Colum one: Gevurah (Severity), and Hod (Splendor) ...
Colum two: Tiferet (Harmony), Yesod (Foundation), and Malchut (Royalty).
Colum three: Netzach (Perseverance), and the Chesed (Kindness),
Similarly men, these three clolums you see here also reflect the three pillars of our faith… = From the CPT

Correspondingly, the Star contains seven compartments—six peaks protruding from a center.
The upper right wing is Chesed, or kindness.
The upper left wing is Gevurah, or severity.
The upper center peak is Tiferet, or harmony. Kabbalah teaches that Tiferet finds its source in Ketter, "the Crown," which is infinitely higher than all the divine attributes which are involved in the "mundane" pursuit of creating worlds.
The lower right wing is Netzach, or perseverance.
The lower left wing is Hod, or splendor.
The center is Yesod. Yesod is "Foundation," and as such all the other attributes are rooted in, and give rise from, this attribute.
The star's bottom that descends from its belly is Malchut (Royalty)—the attribute that absorbs the energies of the higher six attributes and uses them to actually descend and create everything—and "reign" over them."*

Understand clearly gentleman that the symbolism you wear on your shoulder, is far more than just a simple symbol, it is a power reckoned through both action ... and silent discipline.
The star of David isn’t just a representation of a culture of bad ass Jews that are coming for your head.

No, it is more.
It is a scientifically proven mathematical device that was awarded to Solomon from the very heavens themselves for it is said: "Behold I have given you a wise and understanding heart; there has been none like you before you, nor after you shall any arise like you" (Kings 1, 3, 12).
So when you ware that patch gentleman understand that you are a warrior who has …descended … into knowledge and a great …fearful… warlike ability.

Be divinely proud of yourselves ...and... your legacy gentleman.
Be aware that you now know ... ...what I knew then … when I accepted command of this three and thirty...

You see men. I have been showing you the very military and very martial side of this trade you have chosen, that is, at its base, the physical aspect of being in this platoon, this holy unit.

Men, as it has already been shown, we kick a lot of ass.

Yes, as it has been witnessed time and time again, every Friday and Saturday night you are drinking it up, and fighting amounts yourselves, and generally sinning up the place.
Why, men train as if you are trying to out drink a Russian army platoon and then deal with the fight that would sure to ensue after the contest. What are you guys training for … ? Philistines?

Gentleman as members of MY platoon you must renounce the works of Satan and fight against the cause’s of his works.
Do not least we be unfamiliar with our fathers nightly given pra'rs for hope, and that our will to better ourselves and provide charity for others, comes before any wine.
Be assured that you are personally washed of your sins, and that you earned your keep by giving me your best of heart and of mind. Men, we are all a family now and as directed by the Department of Defense I am ordered to take this platoon to war.
For my brothers our war is old, and among you there is not a father of yours that did not understand the responsibilities this platoon has. We will fight in the war that is constantly being waged by our own society, and in order to protect it from its own undoing, we will lend our federal soldiering expertise when called on by local state officials to capture or kill criminals. Criminals in this state seem to be somewhat tougher and smarter than the usual gantry. We are doing this now, and as you can see my brothers, we are very good at it. So gentleman, that is but one of the responsibilities to our people and we will still train for that mission type.

A more prestigious function of our unit, we have the responsibilities of the protection of our nations national parks. You may say to your self gentleman, what does a national park need with a superior fighting force?
Gentlemen I submit to you that not everything that the federal government owns as mandated by the antiquities act of 1906 is happy trees, sunshine, grass, and silly little squirrels that eat from your hand.
No gentleman, some of our most valuable national scientific, natural, and cultural assets reside in the most inhospitable of places and it is our job to make sure that they are kept safe.
We all lied to get into this job, and it is important not to look to our last responsibility as punishment ...and nor ... banishment. What we are tasked with may seem like an unobtainable goal, but we will achieve it.
As ordered buy the Department of Defense I am also tasked with taking this unit into orbital and sub orbital space, ...warring this platoon in that space ...and eventually to take this platoon to Mars to build fortification ... to occupy and ... reside permanently in force.

Ever vigilant gentleman, this is designed to save the race; in the best way we, as a species ... know of. In your effort to save your species from itself you must know that in this war you’re a native, and that you my son, ...god bless you, so belong to a far greater tribe than your own.

In this tribe ... You will learn to fight, you will be tested - physically, mentally and spiritually. Each and every man here is responsible not only to himself but to my command, the responsbility to train to be the absolutely the most dangerous man standing.
You …will fight, and you … will win, and on that day you will be reborn again.
Our penance to the lord is to fight for his kind, to do ultimately good things, and knowing as the all knowing knows through his grace of fact, tested through the court of the heavens; we are therefore ordered to survive, …to !fight!, …and to win.
So as we are built of the iron from this earth, as we all are, we will become more refined, we will be our lords steel, we will be the sword that cuts down the offender and the shield that protects the line behind. We will be the farmer that sows the wheat of a good battle ground - for us it will be the scythe that separates the chaff with the harmonious ring of our silent discipline in action.

But let me tell you men, if history be told, listen to me, our task is not as hard as the things that of our unit once had the responsibility of. Our small part, my brothers, is to leave not one soul behind, that those who sacrificed for us should not be put to rest only in memory, but in proper burial. Our training is sound, and this unit historically, we have been through this before, ours ancient recrods spell out the problem and the soultion. Never forget my son, as a member of my platoon, like me, forever the student, our roots run deep, live long, grow tall, like a sequoia tribe of old.

Things will move fast for us in this beginning, I intend to take this command beyond its technical means, for we will war with any ship I am given command of and seize any ship larger as a prize.

Gentleman, together with your squad leaders, sergeants and you three officers we will war for His Holy Majesties Secret Service as his Sword ...and as his Word.
Gentleman, we will fortify ourselves in any state or territory America posses.
Gentleman, this will be no easy task as America owns some very inhospitable places.
Gentleman, as the army dictates, we must house your wives and children. As commander of this unit I dictate that we are taking the wifes and children with us where we go - and gentleman... as it had been whispered among you - I indeed to take us very far.
Now stop your mumbling right now. This state must be fortified by our own people first, then and only then after we dedicate resources to our national park responsibility - then and only then must we go - and go we must as I am ordered from above.

So it is not tomorrow that we go - but know this brothers - we are not coming back for a long, long time if at all. When we leave is going to happen a lot quicker than you think for we will be busy. We must and will be physically able to crush or foes, to drive them before us like cattle, ware ever we go, we must and will also be able to build weapons of war, of exploration, of shelter and of deffense. We will be master of arms and there construction. We will know the anvil and the hammer. We will build our swords and shields. We will grow and hunt our own food. We will mine our own minerals and refine them.
Within our tribe my men we are an anomaly, we will be a completely independent tribe. As a unit we are going to learn to be completely independent as a … tribal … nation. Our fathers and those fore fathers involved in this effort demand reward for those labors in giving us this bitter sweet judgment … to form colony on Mars … to govern ourselves in a military manner. Every man here shall be given to the taking a wife of his choosing…

…you there - stop rolling your eyes. I have told you that you men should be excusing yourselves from these Sunday briefings and shop around at the local churches for suitable young woman. There are plenty of pretty young girls and woman at the local churches - I know because I looked. You young men - I know you can fight, I watch you get drunk and fight amount yourselves ever Friday and Saturday night. Never mind I was there drinking and fighting along with you, I am married and you are not. Twelve married men, eighteen bachelors and eighteen single army issue females is a shit sandwich more than anyone of us here can chew. Let alone me. Amen to that…
…Every man here shall be given to the taking a wife of his choosing… …and for those whom blessed in there holy fathers grace and judgment, children - for whom to them through our blood, benefit from our tribes protectorate - strength of family - and protection complete unto our death.
We will of course be going to places that are already inhabited by indigenous military branches that are not army. The only fighting that I will allow is finishing the ones that we did not start. Finishing a fight is what we are good at, and will continue to be what we excel at as to the fact that we are at a constant state of war, and each man will train and hone his skills to lend to that fact... ...irregardless of location, temperment, or enviroment.

Gentleman, brothers, students... ...commrades!, not only do we owe it to ourselves to be the very best - but we must always remember our duty to our wives and children. No matter where we go in this world or the next, we will work, fight and win our freedom … and …

…free ...we... ...will... ...stay.

Stick around for part two of three:
Sword: A beginning and an ends to a means…

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